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Hi Norm & MC,

Doctors told me that fat causes more acid because it is too hard to digest and weakens the LES – so no fats for reflux/GERD/LPR. Their response is to replace all fats with whole-grain carbs and low-acid foods. According to Norm, this is a recipe for more GERD/LPR and other gastro problems?

I have only been on the no-fat, low-acid, high-carb diet for a week and a half, and I have already lost almost 20 pounds (which I did not need to do). I feel terrible, and am worried about nutrient levels/balance and the extreme weight loss.

I consented to one Zantac 150mg at night to prevent nighttime reflux, but I think it is causing daytime breakthrough when it wears off mid-day. I have read that H2 blockers like Zantac quickly become non-effective due to body getting used to them (same goes for nasal anti-histamines like Claritin).

That is why I am here on this site – looking for a better way.