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Hey Norm, I got the digital version of the book the other day and am keen to start eliminating certain foods to see how I go. I notice in the book though, that you mention in the motility issue chapter that (Crohn’s disease or schleroderma) are outside the scope of the book. Does this mean I probably won’t have any improvement because of existing damage/scarring to my esophagus and LES. As mentioned earlier I have CREST Syndrome (for 13 years now) and I know I have existing damage, I also have Sjogrens Syndrome, so less saliva enzymes to start off the digestive process. I read that long term PPI users have trouble stopping the drug because when they do reflux/Gerd comes back with a vengeance. I tried to stop a couple of weeks ago and lasted about five days, the first two were ok but day 3-5 I was on fire and in the worst pain in my upper chest/throat, the next day I was back taking Nexium. Any other recommendations other than what’s in the book?