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I started writing about this in my journal but then gave up. I find the constant self reference very boring, though I know it is helpful when one wants to check up on details. So when I finish here I’ll write it up again.

Back to the tapioca. I gave up after a couple of days as I didn’t feel as good on it as on the PS – a bit of gut distress and almost diarrhoea and I just didn’t feel like coping with it at the time.

The rheumatoid fingers on my right hand are a bit sore at the moment but that might be because I’ve been doing embroidery each day though they haven’t been getting any worse over time on the PS (now 5 weeks). My ankylosing spondylitis has also reduced a lot so the pain and stiffness is just present over the last couple of weeks. So after a bad few days it subsided again – though not quite to the level of pre PS.