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Norm/Goddessrocks..I guess I’ll avoid the antibiotics to jump start my “healing”. Antibiotics are likely what got me in this jam to begin with. I had a lot of dental surgery done over the last 6 months and was prescribed Clyndamiacin as well as another that I can’t remember. So I was on antibiotics for about 20 days or so. It wasn’t long after that that I started noticing GERD type symptoms (ie lump in throat, etc.). Maybe it was the cause. Certainly don’t want to start that cycle all over again if they were the culprit.

Regarding the Kefir, I just bought my first bottle (thought I would try this before trying to make my own). I bought a brand called; Lifeway. It is unsweetened but it still shows 12G of sugar in the Nutrition label. When I look at the ingredients it does not indicate sugar, care, fructose or any other kind of recognizable sugar. It is basically just cultured milk and a couple of vitamins (D and A) so I don’t know where the sugar comes from unless milk naturally has sugar in it. The label says that it has 12 live and acive cultures in it. I plan on starting a daily regimen of 4oz in the AM and another in the PM. Thanks guys!!