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Hi MC, i’m going to give you some links to read on bone broth… I use grass fed beef bones that I get from our local country store here.. i bought one on mainland at whole foods and it looked like they washed it and it was not very good at all…here i get a bag of bones some with beef parts still on in about a 6 pound bag for 4$

here’s another

you can find tons of information… I use a crock pot and let it slow cook for 2 days… i prefer the beef broth but that’s all preference. in the FODMAP diet they recommend drinking 2-3 cups a day to stART out and they say it’s IMPORTANT!! so there you have it.. good luck let me know how it goes.. the apple cider vinegar I would use (braggs) is super important as it helps leach all these great mineral out of the bones and also supports the creation of the gelatin.

happy wednesday…