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HI MC.. My sense is the enzymes just help the digesting of the food so it doesn’t sit there and get all acidic and gassy. Norm says to make sure they have lactase in them not sure if that was in the book or a forum i read… the Kefir is a soothing probiotic.. kind o like liquid yogurt but I believe has more probiotics and I take a super good probiotic with it.. i’ve had a history back in 2010 taking 4 rounds off antibiotics which I think was the beginning of this SIBO. I should’ve known better, duh.. but was driven at the time to “win” the year in sales… i paid a high price…. oh I have 1/2 glass of Kefir 2x a day… plain, vanilla and unsweetened is good. some have cane juice…not sure how that is. Also if you really have too much acid in stomach a very small amount of baking soda in water and that should neutralize the stomach acid and heartburn…
let me know how it goes.

Norm thanks for the links.. I will keep informed on them. in the meantime i’m hoping this diet can ease these symptoms…