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Norm…I don’t know why he restricted the fat. I assumed it was because fat takes longer to digest than some other foods therefore it may cause excessive stomach acid secretion. I’m just guessing. He said no marbled meats, no ribs, no ground chuck, etc. He even said no to butter cookies, butter, ice cream, etc. That obviously really restricts your diet. You can see why I could not manage enough calories when I tried to blend the two diets (yours and his). He also said no alcohol (I really miss my evening glass or two of wine). I’m following his advise until I get this Gastritis healed (supposed to take about 2 months with 2x a day Nexium). I don’t want give him any reason to say that I did not follow his orders and therefore that is why things did not go as he planned. The reason that I’m giving him a chance and doing what he says is because he is the first doctor to tell me that he wants me off the Nexium. I’ve wanted off these for years. It scares the heck out of me but I want to be Nexium free. The big question for me is when do I switch over to your diet. Your diet makes so much logical sense to me that I know it will work in the long run. And I am very disciplined and can stick to it. I’ve gotten my sister, who shares my GERD as well as has IBS-C, on board and she will be starting your diet as well. I instructed her to order your IBS book in addition to the Heartburn book. If you have any additional thoughts on the fat restriction or alcohol restriction (or tea for that matter) please let me know. Thanks for your help!