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Hi Goddessrocks….thanks for contributing! I too read that people diagnosed as having GERD caused by too much acid actually have too little acid. At on point I tried (for about 3 weeks) to drink Apple Cider Vinegar 2x daily. I was miserable so I don’t think that too little acid is my problem. I also tried the Aloe Vera remedy and had the same results. To be fair, I was still taking the Nexium so that could have thrown a wrench on the works. I don’t have an IBS problem but I did see on CNBC (stock channel) that a company (Fureix) just completed a successful 3 stage trial for a new IBS-D drug called “eluxadoline”. I don’t know much about it but the company stock went up 128% today ($59 per share). Regardless of this drugs success or failure I gotta think that Norm’s approach to treating IBS is the preferred route. Always better to avoid meds if possible because of “collateral damage”. Be well.