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Hello, I am seeing an ENT tomorrow because I have been having typical symptoms related to LPR (lump in throat, difficulty swallowing- (for two years now but the doctors just diagnosed me with dysphagia), sore throat, sour taste in the mouth especially in the morning, post nasal drip) I didn’t realize that this is LPR until recently when I read about how post-nasal drip can be a symptom of LPR. My doctor did not make this connection for me when I first went in to see her two years ago.
I read Dr.Jamie Koufman’s book “dropping acid,” she mentions that pepsin in your throat or esophagus can be activated by acid coming in from your mouth or acid coming up to your throat and sinus. She recommends lots of oatmeal and bananas. I loosely follow the diet and I think SOME of it makes sense. Except I do notice that when I overeat carbohydrates in a meal it makes me very bloated, and I burp and have lots of acid reflux.
I am now reading Dr.Robillard’s FTDHearburn book, (1/3 way through) and I think it makes sense. I also have very bad IBS and very lactose intolerant.But I am Asian and grains, especially rice is a large part of my diet.
I just have one question: in the book Dr.Robillard recommends HCL and enzymes to aid digestion. I had gone to a naturopathic doctor who prescribed HCL with Pepsin, but i am wondering for somebody who has throat and esophagus damage (inflammation or even Barrett’s Esophagus) is HCL or HCL with Pepsin and other enzymes like Bromelain, Papain, etc. safe? It would seem that the capsules should not be a problem if it goes down properly and stays in the stomach, but there are many factors that cause reflux and it is hard to control if the acid/enzymes do come up. I have noticed that garlic makes me burp and reflux a lot, even just garlic oil- why would that be considering that garlic oil is not really a carbohydrate?) Also it would seem that eating a lot of protein is not good since the body would then have to produce more pepsin which causes throat/esophagus damage. But I also think that carbohydrates does cause a lot of gas and contribute to reflux. So that leaves only leafy greens to eat!!
I am wondering what is the best diet for someone with a damaged throat/esophagus to eat but also to heal their digestive system at the same time without causing more damage to the throat/esophagus.
I also have another doubt about something mentioned in the book. I’ve always felt more bloated after glutinous rice than long grain rice. But the book mentions that amylopectin is higher in glutinous rice than long grain rice (non-jasmine). Does this still mean that glutinous rice is still more easily digested even though I feel more bloated after eating it than the long grain rice? or are there other possible reasons why I may feel more bloated eating glutinous rice than long grain rice?
THanks for answering my questions!!