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JI…thanks for your response. I have read the book and plan on following the diet once my gastritis is resolved. I’m not following it completely right now because my doctor has restricted the acidic foods and the fats while the Gastritis is healing. If I restricted the sugars in addition to the acidic food and fats I have no way to get enough calories to keep up my weight (I tried it for about 5 days and lost too much weight — I’m already down from 180lbs to 158lbs). Not sure when to make the change back to the FP diet, I was hopeful to gain back some of my original weight so that I could afford to lose some weight when I try the diet again. I must admit that for those few day on the FP diet, my symptoms did seem to be better. The only problem was the additional weight lose. I’m not sure how the doctor plans to get me off the Nexium but I plan on some sort of weaning process (and I’m expect some level of rebound symptoms). I too have started taking DGL Licorice before meals and I have used Ginger sporadically though I need to be more consistent. Thanks gain for your thoughts and guidance. Wish me luck!