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Potato starch has worsened my ankylosing spondylitis symptoms. However I’m not convinced that that is a good enough reason to stop taking it at the moment. I’ve been increasing the PS over the last month, starting with 1tbs for a week, then 2 tbs, up to 5. The worst time was when I upped it from 2 to 3 tbs when I felt decidedly sorry for myself and even considered pain relief. But it was only for 24 hours then settled down again. I’m still not as good as I was before I started taking it, but not much worse.

I can understand that increasing the PS might increase the unhelpful bacteria, and it seems to have been the case with me. But some days are just bad days. I’ve had a reasonable number of bad days this last month. But then I’ve had good days too when I’ve had almost no symptoms at all.

I’m going to trial using tapioca starch and see if that is any different.