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Hey Eric,

I just started the keto diet in January and have had great results. Almost 90% of my fibromyalgia symptoms disappeared within the first few days of changing my diet to Keto. Then, in May I started getting symptoms of LPR and then was later diagnosed with it. I have never had any problems with acid before and have desperately been trying to figure out what caused the LPR. I’m not sure if the sphincter was weakened by bacteria (I was sick when it started), difficulty digesting fats and fatty meats, or if I have some kind of vitamin/mineral deficiency. All I know is that I have a minty/cold burn in my throat, have had fluid in the ears in terrible pain mostly in the left ear, a stuffy nose, and burning eyes. I have seen an ENT and will be seeing a Gastro doctor next. First, I wanted to see if adding carbs back into my diet helps cure the LPR and if it was in fact due to the keto diet. You are only the third person that I have found who thinks their air LPR was due to Keto changes. Please let me know if you have any updates to share. I hope you found relief!