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Norm Robillard
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Hi Rebecca,
To get an accurate FP value, you need to include the glycemic index which is 94 for jasmine rice. That’s an average of several GI determinations on For other products you must do the same. If you don’t have a published GI, you can use “50” which will give you an estimate of the FP for lower carb foods, but will not be very accurate for high carb foods because the GI matters much more for high carb foods.

As for you reacting to the rice, keep in mind that the GI determination is measured in “healthy people”. Some of us with digestive issues may not be able to digest even low FP high starch foods, especially when you are just starting the diet. So jasmine rice while better than say Uncle Ben’s, can be problematic. Check out the trouble-shooting tips in the books and apps about eating slowly, chewing well, limiting serving size and reducing all carbs for a time. Later, you can try again. In general, less is more when it comes to high carb, high starch foods. Digestive enzymes can help as well.