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Please excuse that I’ll keep my reply short. We might very well have similar issues. Fiber (mostly the insoluble kind) is what causes most of my symptoms. However, my advice for you:
“A little over a week” is too short, relax, stick to the diet and keep a log of what you ate and the symptoms. Yet, if symptoms get worse change the diet composition and/or consult with Norm.
“Sometimes I finish a meal and immediately I have … symptoms”: Note that these symptoms generally are not caused by what you just ate but by what you were eating up to 2-3 days before. This is very important and helps to stay calm 🙂 The trigger is eating itself (or other activity like drinking, sports, stress), it rarely is a particular type of food with the exception of stuff that is for instance super acidic (and maybe too acidic for healthy people, too) or for people who are allergic (but people who are know in advance).