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Gabby F.
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A combination of things together improved my condition and normalized my bowel movement over the years. I needed patience and perseverance to reach to a more stable state. In sum, these are the following:
– Diet:
o I live and breathe the principles underlying the FTD diet. This means that I really watch the fermentable carbs load in my diet. Usually my diet is composed of unlimited green leafy vegetables, root vegetables, animal protein, animal fat (homemade lard, goose fat, hen fat), coconut oil, olive oil, eggs, only certain grass-fed dairy (no milk, no commercial yogurt/kefir, no commercial cottage cheese, no commercial soft cheese, yes moderate hard aged cheese, yes moderate goat feta cheese from local Greek farmer, yes homemade kefir or yogurt, yes homemade cottage cheese, butter), two fruits per day, and almost no (or very limited) starchy food (grains, alternative grains, legumes and tubers), no sweets (cookies, pastry, candies, etc, only occasional homemade almond flour based cake but very rarely). I reached to the state where I can eat vegies and fruits 80% raw, without digestive enzymes. This was a progressive evolution over couple of years. I make my food from scratch, no dine out, no take out, etc. Occasionally, yes I do go out but it is more of a social act than a norm.
o Every day I eat homemade fermented food (kefir, yoghurt, sauerkraut and pickled veggies). Consuming fermented foods are very important (at least two time per day); it is essentially our probiotics dose – a way to connect with the true/organic/undisrupted nature.
o I eat 3 meals per day (occasionally a snack). In the weekends I usually eat only two meals as we eat breakfast late and dinner early and I do not feel the need for 3 meals.
o I found I need to be extremely disciplined with my dietary habits. It took me a couple of years to reach here where I am now (no symptoms if I keep this regiment)
– Morning routine:
o I drink two cups of water (500 ml) immediately after wakeup
o In the morning I eat greens, root vegies (at least 15 different types of plants, including a little bit of onion and garlic) and 1/3 avocado with one egg, I grate hard aged cheese on top, anchovy/smoked herring/prosciutto (imported from Europe) and 120 ml kefir. No grains/bread/starch/etc.
o I finish breakfast with a nice Americano coffee with homemade chocolate (coconut oil + cocoa powder + sweetener) and I am good till about 2 PM without eating anything.
o I also take one capsule (600mg) of BodyBio – Cal-Mag Butyrate, Calcium & Magnesium in the morning and evening. I suspect perhaps I am/was low in butyrate producing bacteria; after I started taking this supplement, I noticed great improvement in my gut motility and bowels
o I also walk to work (25 mins)
o This whole routine allows me to have a normal bowel every day
– I keep myself hydrated (8 cups/day)
– Meditate, I listen to my thoughts, body, etc.
– Mindful jogging, walk in the park/wilderness (love canoeing and camping in the wilderness)