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Pam, I too suffer from IC and IBS-D. I was suspected of SIBO a few years ago, but the breath test came negative. I was wondering if you found non-IC friendly foods tolerable on the SIBO diet. I’d like to try a Paleo/SIBO diet, but every time I venture outside the IC safe foods, I get instant flares. To some extent, I do respond to the alkaline diet although I too can tell it’s not really healing.

ftder, Matia Brizman’s protocol sounds very appealing too, although it is impossible for me to travel from Europe to LA in my current condition. I’ve heard a lot of great things from her patients, but also stories of dramatic failure. I wonder if it is because we do have different underlying issues as triggers. How is Matia’s diet different from paleo/sibo? I think she allows some (non-glutenous) grains to give the body energy.