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Hello Norm! Dogwood31 here from almost 3 years back. Delighted to report that after 3 years on the SCD diet using the GAPS method of implementing the diet, I am off medication, symptom free (and have been for 2 years), and introducing a few starchy foods like potatoes, quinoa, and sourdough without difficulty. On the GAPS diet I used LOTS of pastured animal fats, meats, meat stock and bone broth, veggies, nuts, eggs, and fermented items made from raw milk and vegetables as the GAPS book suggests. And I did also use lots of olive oil as you mentioned- but unheated and cold-pressed.

I included my family (husband and three children) on this diet and have watched their more minor health problems and my own resolve- rashes, sensitivity to insect bites, stress-related fevers, joint pain, headaches, and Rosacea. We rarely get sick and when we do it is minor and resolves very quickly. We used to get frequent colds and fevers with complications like sinus infections that would keep us from recovering.

I so appreciate your work and the insights gained through reading your book- even if I went a different route in treatment. The microbiome in our bodies is incredible and can seriously affect health. I am so glad to have helpful resources to help correct imbalances.

Just thought you or others may like an update on a case of Ulcerative Colitis. Blessings!