“Even people with the most challenging symptoms will be pleased with their improvement. I can’t recommend Fast Tract Digestion IBS heartily enough.”
“It helps my patients. Making suggestions based on this book has been very effective.”
BOJAN PERIC, Chiropractor
“Only after 1 week into the Fast Tract Diet, I felt so much better. For the first time in years my gut feels more or less normal again.”
“Fast Tract Digestion – By Far the Best Answer to Acid Reflux. The diet is nutritionally balanced and safe! I tell my clients about your book and your work; I want everybody to know!”
ALANA SUGAR, Certified Nutritionist and Whole Foods Consultant
“Fast Tract Digestion Heartburn has the Cure for GERD. BUY this book and STICK to the diet. The nightmare will be over and the quality of your lives will be returned to you.”
TOM SHEIBELS, Professional Trumpet Player
“Funny how many specialists could not help me, but this book has. I am now off of PPIs completely… If you have persistent heartburn, I highly, highly recommend this book for you.”



  • Like FODMAP But Easier

Like FODMAP But Easier?

August 28th, 2018|1 Comment

"LIKE FODMAP BUT EASIER?" is the title of the "service evaluation" on the Fast Tract Diet conducted by Mike Sweeney, Registered Dietitian in Leicester, UK and his colleagues enrolling new IBS patients referred by general practitioners in [...]